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Podiatrist Kleanthis Vasou

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Kleanthis Vasou graduated from University of Southampton in 2014 where he received a BSc (Hons) Podiatry degree.  Following his bachelor degree he continued his studies in Middlesex University finishing with a distinction a master degree in Sport and Exercise Science (Biomechanics).  During his studies Kleanthis had the chance to have working placements in different NHS trusts in UK including Sheffield and Southampton.  Moreover the masters degree gave him the chance to get involved in projects with elite football and rugby teams including West Ham (football club), Queen Park Rangers (football club academies) and Saracens rugby team.   At the end of his studies Kleanthis worked for a couple of years in a private practise in Essex.

In his role in the private practise, Kleanthis held an extended scope practitioner post where he worked treating a variety of patients with different needs.  Some of those cases included diabetic care, biomechanical assessment, wound care, nail surgery and podopaediatrics.  He has a keen interest in sports injuries and lower limb biomechanics.  Over the years kleanthis has gained a great deal of expertise and specialised in podiatric sports injuries, biomechanics and clinical gait analysis.

Out of work Kleanthis enjoys travelling, going to the beach, playing tennis and watching football.



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