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General / Routine Foot care

  2. General / Routine Foot care


Chiropody is the practice of general foot care – think of it as a thorough, attentive MOT for your feet, refreshing and revitalising what is typically the most neglected part of your body. 

Routine Podiatry / Chiropody

Your first appointment will involve an extensive foot health assessment, along with a full review of your medical history, allergies, medication, and details of any previous chiropody treatments.

We begin by examining your feet and lower limbs, looking closely at the skin, nails and alignment. All patients have a vascular assessment using Doppler to check blood flow and see if you suffer from poor circulation. We’ll also ask whether you have any specific concerns you’d like addressed.

You will then have appropriate treatment which may include trimming nails, removing corns, reducing hard skin, dealing with cracked heels etc.

If you require a specialist chiropody treatment we can usually begin this at your first appointment, with your consent, and we’ll arrange follow-up appointments if necessary. Then we’ll send you away with a treatment plan, along with some useful advice for keeping your feet in optimal condition.

Because everybody who attends our clinics has slightly different needs, we assess each patient on an individual basis, so your treatment may vary slightly depending on your requirements.

Nail Cutting

Many people just can’t get down to their feet themselves, for example if the nails become too thickened, or if you have back trouble or arthritis.

At Vasou Podiatry our podiatrists offer to trim your nails and advise you on how to keep them healthy in the future.

Foot Health Check

The foot health check provides a comprehensive examination of your feet, and is ideal for regular monitoring of foot health. Our podiatrists will advise you about home foot care and how to maintain your feel healthy. This check up provides a comprehensive examination to help you maintain healthy feet and re-assure you.