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Diabetic Foot

  2. Diabetic Foot Check


 The diabetic foot examination is designed for early detection of Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease, both serious conditions that can lead to eventual amputation of limbs.  If you have diabetes it is recommended that you should have a foot examination at least once a year, even if you do not have problems with your feet.

At Vasou Podiatry we are fully qualified to deal with any complications that rise from diabetes.

Our diabetic check consists of:

Neurological Assessment:

People with intermediate or high risk feet in diabetes usually have decreased sensation due to peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). Peripheral neuropathy can be of two main types- sensory and motor. Sensory neuropathy affects the sensory nerves (those responsible for feeling) and can produce numbness, tingling or even increased sensitivity and pain in your feet. Motor neuropathy affects the nerves that control the muscles and can lead to muscle weakness, which in turn can produce deformity of your toes and feet. The neurological assessment includes a range of clinical tests.

By testing the perception of the different skin senses such as temperature, vibration and light touch we can monitor and predict future problems. These combination examinations play a very valuable part in the prevention of serious foot problems.

At Vasou Podiatry, we use the most widely recommended tests for neuropathy – the monofilament test, tuning fork test a. If you can’t feel the monofilament you will not be able to detect a foot injury in that area of your foot and will need to take special precautions to protect that area.

Vascular (Circulation) assessment

Diabetes can also cause peripheral arterial disease (PAD), previously referred to as peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Peripheral arterial disease can result in reduced blood flow to your feet and legs which can cause pain in the feet or legs with walking or even when at rest. People without diabetes can also develop PAD, particularly when there is a history of smoking.

At Vasou Podiatry we are able to assess the condition of the body’s blood vessels by the use of a doppler (ultrasound listening equipment).  We can also look for clinical signs and skin condition that may indicate some circulation concerns.

Foot Health Check:

The foot health check provides a comprehensive examination of your feet, and is ideal for regular monitoring of foot health.