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At Vasou Podiatry patients always comes first!

We provide a wide range of high quality services tailored to each person's individual needs. With a friendly and approachable way of doing things here at Vasou Podiatry, we make you feel as comfortable as possible whilst helping to get you back on your feet. Anyone, including those with Diabetes are welcome to attend for foot health checks, appropriate foot care and foot health management. With skilled clinicians, capable of assessing and treating people of all ages with or without health problems, attending with any manner of foot and lower limb issues. Whether you are in need of nail surgery, looking for insole or orthoses or just need your hard skin removed to make your feet comfortable again, we can help you get back to your normal life.

Biomechanics and Sport Injuries

Diabetic Foot Check

General / Routine Foot care

Gait Analyses

Bunions / Hallux Abducto Valgus (Hav)

Cosmetic Podiatry / Nail Reconstruction

Children's Feet / Podopaediatric

Nail disorders

Custom-made Orthotics

Sport Injuries

Minor Foot Surgery

Emergency and Home Services